I Was Born To Love You

by Morgan Manley

Press Release

Morgan Manley author of I Was Born to Love You announces Dorrance Publishing as her new representative for her literary work.

Wilmington’s own socially-conscious prophet of the Power of Love, Morgan Manley, is working closely with her publisher in the marketing and distribution of her book, “I Was Born to Love You” Morgan Manley is also working with a well known academy award winning producer in the production of the theatrical version of, “I Was Born To Love You”.

Wilmington, DE, 2009 Morgan Manley, Alapocas resident and beloved friend and source of inspiration to people in transition has entered a professional relationship with Dorrance Publishing. Morgan Manley will be working closely with Dorrance Publishing on all aspects of promotion and any future book tours for the beloved author. Attracting the attention of Dorrance Publishing is just another feather in the cap for Morgan Manley. Throughout her recent book tours in the Wilmington/Philadelphia areas it became clear to Morgan Manley, her friends and associates that grander things were to come for the local author. A movie deal is in the works to produce I Was Born to Love You as a theatrical release late 2010. Surely Morgan Manley is on the fast track to stardom and literary success with Dorrance Publishing in her corner.

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